Speculative Cedar Waxwing hybrids with Scarlet and Western tanagers. Private commission.

Northern Cardinal on alder. Private commission.

American Kestrel male.

American Kestrel female.

One Piece: What my savior would have done


Rosemary. Acrylic on canvas.

Scenery sketches from Netflix' Kingdom

Mordechai, terror of the vegetable patch.

Scenery sketch from the Ansan Jarak-gil (안산자락길) trail in Seoul, November.

Tangara chilensis
Tattoo design for Steve Albert

Dr. Will Ingram, original character by Leucrotta

Glam Birds

One Piece: Wano, in another universe.

One Piece: Stargazing. Done for Corazón week 2019.

One Piece Ch. 943: A reunion

One Piece: Donquixote Brothers

18th Century spy

The view out my window.