Northern Cardinal on alder. Private commission.

American Kestrel male.

American Kestrel female.


Rosemary. Acrylic on canvas.

Scenery sketches from Netflix' Kingdom

Mordechai, terror of the vegetable patch.

Scenery sketch from the Ansan Jarak-gil (안산자락길) trail in Seoul, November.

Tangara chilensis
Tattoo design for Steve Albert

Dr. Will Ingram, original character by Leucrotta

Glam Birds

One Piece: Wano, in another universe.

One Piece: Stargazing. Done for Corazón week 2019.

One Piece Ch. 943: A reunion

One Piece: Donquixote Brothers

18th Century spy

The view out my window.

Miscellaneous portrait practice

Gold and Green. The Arneth Hub.