Box cover art, featuring a pair of Blue Birds-of-Paradise

Wilson's Bird-of-Paradise

King of Saxony

Arfak Astrapia

Black Sicklebill

Greater Bird-of-Paradise

Blue Bird-of-Paradise

Broad-plumed Lophorina

Red Bird-of-Paradise

Twelve-wired Bird-of-Paradise

Standardwing Bird-of-Paradise

Western Parotia

Brood Parasite

Blood's Bird-of-Paradise

Mysterious Bird of Bobairo

Lonely Little King

Triumphant Bird-of-Paradise (invented hybrid Trumpet Manucode x Splendid Astrapia)

Wonderful Bird-of-Paradise

King of Ribbons, a hybrid bird created by kickstarter backers (King of Saxony Bird-of-Paradise x Ribbon-tailed Astrapia)


Birdwatcher is a board game where you play a photographer out to document the birds of paradise! I was so honored to be selected as the artist for this project, and really enjoyed bringing these fantastic birds (and some imaginative hybrids) to life for the cards in the game.

Oni Press